Short-Term Rehabilitation

3 Key Benefits of Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our Short-term Rehab program promotes healing by creating individualized treatment plans to meet the patient’s return to home goals.

We provide experienced therapists and a welcoming environment in which to recover.

Because Bluebonnet Point Wellness is a fully-staffed skilled nursing facility, our professional medical staff is only seconds away.

Why is Short-Term Rehabilitation Important?

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation at Bluebonnet Point Wellness is an option, prescribed by a doctor, to recover from various smaller injuries to help the patients get back to their best selves.

Short-term care is aimed at patients recovering from short illnesses, accident, or surgery. Patients normally stay in a short-term rehab facility for anytime period ranging from a couple of days to as long as 100 days (100 days is the limit Medicare and many other private insurers place on coverage)

Who Should Consider Short-Term Rehabilitation?

While a doctor’s recommendation is the main reason a patient should look at short-term care, most patients have experienced surgery, joint replacement, heart failure, or respiratory illness.

Inpatient rehab provides a smoother transition between the hospital and home. Choice Rehab has been our partner to provide in-house therapy sessions and thorough knowledge of what helps the patients reach their goals.

What is Short-Term Rehabilitation?

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation is a more intensive option of rehabilitation but much more relaxed and comfortable than a hospital setting. We provide around-the-clock care to meet the patients return-to-home goals.

Patients usually stay in a short-term rehab facility for a few weeks, although stays can be as short as a couple of days or as long as 100 days (which is the limit that Medicare and many private insurers place on coverage).

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